Cowansville, April 9, 2020 – The MRC, CLD and the Chambre de Commerce de Brome-Missisquoi are encouraging every business in the region to join the online trade movement. “The current crisis is the ideal opportunity for our local businesses to boost their economic activities through online trade,” stated CLD president, Sylvie Beauregard. “Buying local is the new value for Quebecers. Every dollar spent in our economy is an investment that goes back into the community, among local businesses and families.”

The MRC and CLD are striving to make e-business easier, to cope with the current situation. The two organizations recently reached an agreement with the transactional web-platforms, and, to bring together Brome-Missisquoi businesses – including those that already have a sales website and the ones seeking to create a site. “The MRC will be offering financial support for the registration and/or membership of our businesses on these web-platforms,” said MRC prefect, Patrick Melchior. “We want to help our businesses make the digital transition during the crisis, and especially, once the crisis is over, to perpetuate local online buying.”

The two initiatives are safe, simple, long-lasting and inexpensive. The platform is a transactional portal that will group businesses together by region. is a specialized food web-platform which will be consolidating all the information about our region’s food offerings into one place, thereby facilitating local food purchases. The agri-food sector includes 1,100 businesses in Brome-Missisquoi, about one-third of which conduct direct sales with the consumer. The MRC will be providing a streamlined distribution system, one that will shorten the distance food products have to travel. “It’s a solution for use now and in the future, so we can be increasingly resilient and autonomous from the standpoint of food,” said Jonathan Bélanger, the promoter of the platform and a Town of Brome Lake resident.

Businesses in the food sector are invited to contact ( to sign up, or with Leslie Carbonneau, a consultant at the CLD, at to obtain additional information.

Businesses are invited to get in touch with ( or with Mélanie Gobeil at the Chambre de Commerce at for further information.

Other businesses are invited to contact ( to sign up, or with Annie Larose, CLD consultant, at for further details.