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The CLD    Strategic plans and areas of development

Strategic plans and areas of development

In an effort to support responsible development in the region and to be able to help businesses undertake efforts in this area, the Brome-Missisquoi Centre local de développement (CLD) has adopted its new Strategic Plan for Economic Development (2013-2016) within a Sustainable Development Perspective. This document is the result of the involvement, over a period of about six months, of more than 100 people who are implicated in the region’s economic development.

The new plan presents new strategic orientations for the CLD as well as specific strategic actions for each area of development having economic and social impacts on the region, such as:

  1. Entrepreneurship development
  2. Business mentorship development
  3. Manufacturing development
  4. Social economy development
  5. Tourism development
  6. Agrifood development
  7. Rural development
  8. Cultural development
  9. CLD business practices
  10. CLD communications
  11. Sustainable development

The new strategic orientations have a cutting edge aspect, inspired by the BNQ 21 000 initiative in corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, and innovation. As well, the Strategic Plan proposes actions to bring the CLD towards the gradual integration, year after year, of best practices, both internally and in its services offering.

From this Strategic Plan will follow an Action Plan and an Implementation Guide, which will suggest means and concrete tools. During the year 2014, concrete actions will stem from the strategic orientations prioritized by the CLD and each sector of socioeconomic development

This plan is part of the Vision 2008-2014 framework.

Innovative industrial sectors in the region

As a part of a strategy aimed at implementing an action plan for direct foreign investments, the Brome-Missisquoi CLD has identified the region’s key industrial sectors:

  • Microelectronics
  • Extraction of first quality limestone
  • Specialized agri-food processing
  • Plastics and new materials
  • New technologies

Information on our innovative industrial sectors

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