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SME’s (small and medium-sized enterprises) face significant challenges that afford them less and less room to manoeuvre. The biggest of these challenges is the pressure to innovate consistently and globally.

The Centre de Service aux entreprises du Cégep de Granby Haute-Yamaska (CSE) accompanies businesses that wish to benefit from research and development (R&D) income tax credits. This organization helps put R&D teams in place within companies by facilitating their meetings as needed and by providing them with practical tools to simplify various innovation-oriented projects within manufacturing SMEs.

The National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP-NRC) offers growing Canadian SMEs a wide range of consultation and technical and commercial information research services. The program is managed by a network of Industrial Technology Advisors (ITAs) who help identify and address SMEs’ technical and research needs, as well as issues related to sustainable development, at each step of the R&D process and of the innovation cycle.

The Centre de Recherche industrielle du Québec transfers the know-how it has developed in cutting-edge sectors to more traditional fields, such as wood transformation, pulp and paper, aluminum manufacturing, and the agricultural food industry, and to other high-tech sectors, such as aeronautics and biotechnology.

FPInnovations’s mission is to fine-tune knowledge and scientific and technical applications that help its members and the Canadian wood industry remain competitive. Its role consists in helping the forestry industry optimize its manufacturing processes, extract the most value from the raw material available, and meet its customers’ needs as far as the performance, durability, and price of its products. 

Lastly, Valotech can help find a public or private partner to complement a company’s capacities in its research and process and product innovation projects. This confidential support is particularly relevant when a company does not want to make itself known before having identified an appropriate partner. This organization’s expertise also extends, within the framework of a similar process, to the support of productivity improvement and workforce training (Pôle Formation Montérégie).

Click on the following link to consult the PDF file that will allow you to learn about the other organizations canvassed that offer innovation-oriented services to businesses in the area (In French Only) : Innovation