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Because Brome-Missisquoi would not be the same without its business mentorship, the program now has its own official website section.

Entrepreneurs, whether you are taking your first steps in business or if the business world no longer holds any secrets, these pages are for you. The wider family of mentees and mentors is never too full!

Business mentorship

The definition of business mentorship

Business mentorship: a few words that say so much

Before going further, one question begs to be asked: “What is business mentorship?” Headed by the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship, business mentorship is a relationship of confidence and mutual respect in which an entrepreneur, called the mentee, chooses to share their experience with a person who has greater business experience, the mentor. The mentor provides support, listens to and advises the mentee, without ever passing judgment. A mentorship relationship is above all a team effort in which everyone clarifies their expectations, defines their roles and sets attainable objectives. Mentor and mentee work together towards a single goal: the success of the business.

Business mentorship applies to all spheres of economic activity, whether it is commerce, service, manufacturing, agriculture, health, institutional, community, social economy, etc. It is important to note that the service is not only available at the moment when the business encounters problems. Business mentorship lends itself just as easily to start-up or development: the business that is already doing well can always do better. The role of mentors, armed with solid management experience and a great deal of generosity, tend mainly to help in the growth of the entrepreneurial skills of entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs (a manager of a business that is not theirs) in their management skills.

The benefits of business mentorship

Business mentorship, a partner in your success

Over the years, business mentorship has proven itself in the various regions where it has been used, and its reputation is firmly established. It has been demonstrated that the business mentorship program contributes to increasing business survival rates. In fact more than 70% of mentored businesses last beyond the five-year mark, while the average of Quebec businesses is below 34%. Business mentorship makes the difference by:

  • Supporting the transfer of skills;
  • improving the managerial skills of entrepreneurs;
  • providing support for entrepreneurial succession;
  • encouraging the growth of businesses.


Are you an entrepreneur in Brome-Missisquoi who values the health of their business? Are you an experienced entrepreneur who likes to share their skills and entrepreneurial know-how? This site is for you!

The mentor's corner

Definition of a mentor

To be a mentor – A stimulating challenge

To be a mentor for the mentorship service is to have been in the business or management field for many years and having a desire to give a little something back to the community that they have gained through their experience. Mentors are above all human beings who have known in their time numerous successes, but also some failures, uncertainties, moments of discouragement. People who, through trial and error, have built up a solid warehouse of entrepreneurial knowledge and know-how, and now they enthusiastically pass that knowledge on to mentees. They understand, because they have all at one time taken a similar road to that being taken by the entrepreneurs they are guiding. Mentors are devoted people who volunteer their time and advice to entrepreneurs who need it. They know how to guide, and also how to step back when the situation requires it, in a way that always lets the entrepreneur make the decisions for their own business. They are passionate people who feel the success of their mentee is a challenge.

A must-read : The New Mentor's Guide

Roles of the mentor

Mentor’s commitment

The mentor and the mentee both have a role to play in the mentoring relationship. When one is a mentor, it is essential to:

  • Listen and question;
  • help to refocus on the problems experienced or the choices to be made;
  • help them to decide on possible solutions;
  • encourage and motivate;
  • share their critical reasoning;
  • review the performance and the attitudes of the mentee;
  • respect the confidentiality of discussions.

A must-read : Code of Ethics, Confidentiality Policy, Charter of Common Values, and Mentoring agreement.

Invitation to become a mentor

Becoming a mentor, an enriching experience

Nothing is easier than to join the ranks of our mentors unit! You must:

  • be a businessperson or a manager;
  • have more than 10 years of experience, all areas of activity combined;
  • have a minimum of availability to offer the program;
  • be motivated by the desire to accompany a less experienced entrepreneur.

A must-read : Be a mentor

Also, because we aren’t born mentors, the Brome-Missisquoi business mentorship unit agrees to provide the training and framework needed for the success of the pairing.

Does the role of mentor inspire you? Fill out the candidacy form online today, or contact the program coordinator for more information on Brome-Missisquoi’s mentorship family.


List of mentors

The mentors of Brome-Missisquoi

One step at a time, mentorship has carved out a prominent place in Brome-Missisquoi. The business mentorship program is proud today to count among it dozens of the most qualified businesspeople in the region. These are generous people motivated by the desire to make a difference in the lives of numerous entrepreneurs who must often fight to establish their place in the jungle that is the business world. It is with pleasure that we provide you with a portrait of our mentors.

Mentorship team

***List of mentors to come.***

The mentee's corner

Definition of mentee

To be a mentee – A small step that can take you far

To be a mentee is to recognize that one has their limits as an entrepreneur, and to make the choice, in all humility, to go get the help available to them in order to make a difference; it is to love their business and want it to succeed. The mentees are people with a certain strength of character, as their business project demonstrates. They are perseverant, hardworking, and believe in their project. They are as passionate as they are excited and show a great openness of spirit. Protégés recognize the value of experience in the business and management milieu and choose to benefit from it.

A must-read : Be a mentee

Role of the mentee

Commitment of the mentee

The mentee plays an essential role in business mentorship, because they are why the program exists. However, in order to make their mentorship a success, the mentee, like the mentor, must have certain qualities:

  • The desire to progress both as a person and as an entrepreneur;
  • demonstrate transparency;
  • wish to learn and develop their entrepreneurial qualities;
  • demonstrate openness towards their mentor and their ideas;
  • know how to listen.


The benefits of a mentoring relationship

A mentoring relationship: the best of business plans

The entrepreneurs have everything to win from a mentoring relationship, as our mentees can attest. They are all paired with a mentor that matches their personality, and the benefits they draw from this relationship are many. The business mentorship improves the ability to:

  • Develop their entrepreneurial skills;
  • have self confidence;
  • define the objectives to be reached;
  • seize opportunities;
  • find solutions;
  • communicate effectively;
  • assume the role of leader;
  • see the development of their business more clearly.


Invitation to become a mentee

Becoming a mentee, a promising enterprise

The enlivening experience of a business pairing is within everyone’s grasp. The business mentorship program is intended for entrepreneurs from the Brome-Missisquoi region who:

  • are arriving at a new stage in their business project;
  • are facing an obstacle;
  • have an expansion project to carry out;
  • want to take over an existing business;
  • are starting a business.

Admissibility criteria

  • Have started a business;
  • have established its head office in the Brome-Missisquoi MRC;
  • are registered with the business mentorship program on a voluntary basis;
  • are seriously committed to the process.

* Annual fees will be applied.

A must-read : Code of Ethics, Confidentiality Policy, Charter of Common Values and Mentoring Agreement.

Additional information

Pairing, meetings and accompaniment

During a request to benefit from the business mentorship program, the service’s coordinator will accompany you throughout the process in order to assign the mentor that best meets your needs, while favouring the perfect marriage of your preferences. The mentor and their mentee then work together to set up periodic meetings, at a frequency determined according to the needs of the mentee and the availabilities of everyone involved. The length of the relationship also depends on the needs of the entrepreneur and varies from a few months to a few years. Throughout this mentoring relationship, the program coordinator remains available at all times to the mentee and the mentor and makes available to them free training sessions that will help them get the most out of their pairing.

Are you entertaining the idea of becoming a mentee? Fill out the mentee application form today, or contact the program coordinator to obtain more information on the Brome-Missisquoi business mentorship program.

Link to the form in PDF format or the contact information for the coordinator

The reading corner
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Place for partners and collaborators


Without them, business mentorship could not be at the peak of its potential in the Brome-Missisquoi region. Through their moral and financial support, numerous partners and collaborators contribute to making the program a success. They thereby ensure the health and continuation of a service that has proven itself everywhere across Quebec, while signifying their confidence in its benefits for the local economy. Allow us to present to you these mentorship allies:

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Réseau M Desjardins

On behalf of the Brome-Missisquoi business mentorship program, and in the name of the numerous entrepreneurs for whom the experience made all the difference, THANK YOU! The service would not be the same without you.

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