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Human ressources

Emploi-Québec, the Centre de Service aux entreprises (training branch), the Centre de formation professionnelle/Centre d’éducation aux adultes de Cowansville and the Société de Formation industrielle de l’Estrie (SOFIE) are the Brome-Missisquoi CLD’s valued partners, offering technical support with respect to hiring and/or workforce training.                       

Emploi-Québec offers the following measures and services:

  • Online placement
  • Online job market information

Emploi-Québec also offers information, through the business advisor covering the territory, about the Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition, aimed at companies with payrolls of over $1 million.

Emploi-Québec also offers the Subventions Salariales program to facilitate individuals’ integration into the job market.

The Centre de services aux entreprises du CEGEP de Granby (CSE), on the other hand, focuses chiefly on tailor-made training. This organization offers services including the identification of training needs, job market analysis, and the development of tailor-made training plans. The organization and the facilitation of the classroom or on-site training workshops are carried out by advisors with concrete workforce experience. The activity sectors include: human resources management, asset recognition, manufacturing production, use of computers, office automation, languages, project management, and trade management.

The Centre de formation professionnelle de Cowansville/Centre d’éducation des adultes de Cowansville offers, among others, courses in launching a new company, welding, and machining.

The Société de Formation industrielle de l’Estrie’s mission is to support companies in their employee capacity-building efforts. In addition, the SOFIE accompanies human resources managers through the development of management tools and policies. The SOFIE also works in collaboration with companies within a given activity sector in order to ensure a qualified workforce.