Local funding:
Business start-up and
expansion loans

Our attentive advisors will answer all your questions about the operation, eligibility requirements and repayment of these business loans.

Features of the FLI and FLS

  • These are $5000 to $250,000 loans
  • They can be repaid over one to ten years
  • The loans can apply to almost any kind of project and regardless of its stage, such as start-ups, expansion initiatives, working capital, equipment, web marketing, etc.

6 advantages of local funds

  1. Take advantage of a flexible loan
  2. Get financing beyond tangible assets
  3. Take advantage of a possible capital-free repayment period
  4. Do business with a local lender with a mission to develop businesses
  5. Get technical support from experts before, during and after project completion
  6. Take advantage of an additional offer to other lenders
Justin Francis

If you have any questions
about the FLI or the FLS

Finding local funding is a
part of our financing services.