Rethink and optimize your resources!

In contrast to the linear economy (extracting, manufacturing, consuming, disposing), the circular economy is a concept of sustainable development aimed at producing goods and services by optimizing the use of resources throughout the life cycle. The goal is to extract fewer resources and discard fewer materials.

The Industrial Symbiosis of Brome-Missisquoi (SIBM)

Since its creation in 2014, the SIBM, partner of Synergie Québec, is a network of circular economy players whose mission is to extend the life cycle of materials. Thus, the symbiosis increases the opportunities to transform the bi-products of some in raw material for others!

These business-to-business exchanges of materials, expertise and services, called synergies, enable savings related to supply, waste management and training savings. Also, the Symbiosis’ network allows members to share the cost of buying services and goods.

Examples of materials exchanged within the Symbiosis :

  • Wood (pallets, furniture, sawdust, wood chips, scraps)
  • Paper/Cardboard (boxes, corrugated cardboard, ‘’cardboard corner’’, paper scraps)
  • Plastic (barrels, pallets, styrofoam, tubing, bucket, tote tank, pellets)
  • Glass (bottles, dishes)
  • Metal (agricultural machinery accessories, furniture, trolleys, aluminum)
  • Organic material (food scraps, plant residues, whey, soil)
  • Chemical products (acids, bases, solutions, calcium lime)
  • Textile (agricultural nets, geotextile, various textiles, clothes)
  • Expertise and service (training, company visits, service exchange)

Consult the SIBM’s 2014-2018 results


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