Crédit photo : Jean-François Bergeron

Support for Self-employment program:
A boost to get you started

Are you hesitant to start off on your own, to become self-employed or to start your own business? The Support for Self-employment (STA) program can help you take the leap. The STA will provide means for you to receive financial support to start your business and develop your business plan.

The STA is valuable help if your project is:

  • Economically viable
  • A response to a need in the area
  • Not unfairly competing with similar businesses in Brome-Missisquoi

Is the Support for Self-employment program right for you?

To get access to the STA, you must meet one of these conditions:

  • You are receiving Employment Insurance benefits
  • You are receiving Social Assistance benefits
  • You are unemployed and without public income assistance
  • Your employment is insecure

In short, the Support programme provides a solution that enables you to get a job and integrate into the job market.


We can help your business in many ways.

STA is a part of our many services.