Cowansville, September 22, 2021— The CLD of Brome-Missisquoi is proud to launch its new Local Sourcing Guide; a practical linking tool for the region’s agri-food sector! The guide’s purpose is to offer area stakeholders a means by which they’ll be able to learn more about our local food ecosystem and to reinforce Brome-Missisquoi’s culinary identity. The CLD’s Agri-food development team hopes that this tool will contribute to increasing proximity purchases by our restaurants, catering services, lodging accommodations and institutions to name but some of these.

It’s time to inform as many people as possible of the fact that Brome-Missisquoi’s agri-food sector is thriving thanks to its products and businesses that stand out throughout the province, and to highlight the lasting ties our producers have developed with increasingly engaged consumers.

In concrete terms, the guide gathers more than 220 businesses established in the region that promote local products: agricultural producers, artisanal processors, local grocery stores or small area businesses. The information is organized into 10 food categories (vegetables, meat, dairy products, etc.). For each company, information on product availability (seasonal or annual), targeted customers (private citizens or the corporate market), supply options and contact information have all been specified.

This new local sourcing guide is part of the implementation strategy of the 2021–2023 Strategic Plan for Agri-food Development and its new positioning as a nurturing MRC with an entrepreneurial flavour. More specifically, this tool aims to increase the territory’s notoriety and make it more attractive through the communication and promotion of its agri-food sector. It was thought out and designed for corporate and institutional use and will be updated as businesses develop.

Keep an eye out for a second version adapted to consumers, which will also be available in 2022. This next version will include a wide range of articles relating to local sourcing and producers in the region. It will also contain more detailed information for consumers (e.g.: subscription possibilities for vegetable baskets, self-picking offers, a list of restaurants that promote local products, etc.).

Feel free to consult the new Local Sourcing Guide to learn more.